De vijf kenmerken van geluk | Happy Insights
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Happiness can be homemade! Research shows that around 50% of your happiness is defined by your genes, a small 10% by your external circumstances and over 40% depends on your own thoughts, behaviours and actions.  Because we adapt ourselves to external circumstances, these play a less important role in our happiness level then we often think.

External circumstances0%
Thoughts, actions and behaviour0%

You’re responsible and capable for creating and sustaining your own happiness.

Universal happiness skills

There are five universal happiness skills we can all train and master to influence our own happiness level. With these skills, we can create habits and patterns that increase our happiness.

Unique super powers

We all possess unique strengths. These are the capabilities that help us be the best version of ourselves, and make us different and unique.


#1: Savoring

A quick and easy way to boost optimism and reduce stress and negative emotions. It’s the practice of being mindful and noticing the good stuff around you, taking the extra time to prolong and intensify your enjoyment of the moment, making a pleasurable experience last for as long as possible. So take time to actually enjoy the sunset while working on a beautiful bounty island!

#2: Being thankful

The simple act of identifying and then appreciating the things people do for us. When we express it, we get kindness in return. It fills us with optimism and self-confidence, knowing that others are there for us. It also dampens our desires for “more” of everything—and it deepens our relationships with loved ones. Remind yourself actively each day what you’re thankful for; could be something as simple as seeing the sun rise today or having a nice Pad Thai.


#3: Aspiring

The aim and willingness to be optimistic, to use your strength’s and to have a sense of purpose leads to more happiness and satisfaction. It also makes your goals seem attainable and your challenges easier to overcome. Optimism can be seen as a true friend magnet. Try to challenge yourself by asking what it is you actually find important and reflecting if what you’re doing contributes to this purpose.

#4: Giving

Not only the receiver but also the giver of something reaps benefits – the funny fact is, even more benefits than the receiver. studies show that being kind not only makes us feel less stressed, isolated and angry, but it makes us feel considerably happier, more connected with the world, and more open to new experiences. So when working somewhere remote, try to see how you can give something to the environment around you.


#5: Empathy

The ability to understand and imagine thoughts, behaviors and ideas of others – different from ourselves. When we empathize with people, we become less judgmental, less frustrated, angry or disappointed—and we develop patience. It results in stronger relationships. Next time the behavior of someone frustrates you, ask yourself why it is upsetting you and if it makes sense from his or her perspective to act this way.

Unique super powers

Your unique super powers are your most important and strong qualities. The skills, capabilities and qualities you possess that enable you to be the best version of yourself and have the biggest contribution/impact. By focusing on your strengths, you’re able to really progress. Of course everyone has some weaknesses, and we shouldn’t ignore them, but to really thrive we need our strengths.

Knowing your strengths and using them in different ways increases your positive emotions and reduces your depressive symptoms.

Using your strengths at work leads to more pleasure, engagement and meaning and makes you more likely to be satisfied with your job.